Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Pack a bowl and listen to this

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Take a good listen

Going back a few years to some some of that really classic hip hop. A Tribe Called Quest was one of the starting groups of some true high quality hip hop

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go to Sleep to Something Relaxing

I have this music list of songs that i use to play wen i went to bed. I slept so dam good every time i played it. It relaxes you and just brings back good memories. Heres one of the songs ill upload a different one each night.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The up and coming

Heres a song by a random artist i just found. Its a young kid and his voice is annoying, but his flow is unreal and he has solid lyrics. Better than the mainstream artists now adays. Give this kid a couple of years and your going to see the next Ice Cube.

Heres a taste of some chill hip hop

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Song of the Day

Song of the Day
Notorious B.I.G- Gimme the Loot

Old School Biggie is soooo smooth. Ready To Die hands down Biggies best album.


Audiodub is one of those bands that will blow up in popularity once their name gets a little bit more known. They sound very similar to Sublime, Rebelution, Expendables etc.. Heres one of my favorite songs by them
Audiodub- Slow Girl

Sublime Badfish

                                                               My all time favorite song


The beginning of true hip-hop. Wu Tang is with out a doubt the most skilled hiphop group there is on the planet. Everyone of their songs brings something new from incredible lyricism to smoothest flow there is. If you love artists such as Big L, Biggie, Tupac, Jedi Mind Tricks, Ice Cube, Dre Dre, Snoop, etc then your gonna love Wu tang. Im sure most of you have heard of Wu tang but heres a little taste of what they have to offer. (Cash Rules Everything Around ME)  Wu Tang Clan- CREAM


Sublime has hands down been one of the biggest influences on my life. Was the first band i ever heard and has given me tons and tons of memories. Sublime-Badfish my all time favorite song of all time is most played song on my itunes (over 1,000 times) and every time i here it, i block out everything around me. Sublime has influenced a strong majority of musicians in this day and age, from big time artists like Slightly Stoopid to more small time artists that some people have not heard of YET, such as Audiodub. Sublime was what i would describe as a TrueMusic. They played through their heart and soul and showed their talent. If you love relaxing music then you will love Sublime, if you love music with heart then you will love Sublime and if you love high qaulity TrueMusic then you will love Sublime. If you have not heard of Sublime then here are some recommendations of songs: Badfish, Santeria, What I Got, Wrong Way, Dont Push, Slow Ride, 40 oz to Freedom, Date Rape, etc.. Im sure after you listen to these, you will be a fan of Sublime. These are just some of their more known songs, if you want some a list of their songs just let me know. RIP Bradley Nowell February 22, 1968 – May 25, 1996.


True music now adays is very hard to come by, with mainstream music on the rise and the quality of music on the decline there needs to be a place where you can listen and look up and discuss good music. That is why i made this blog. Here you can post certain bands and links and discuss them, etc.. that you feel are the definition of TrueMusic. Hopefully this will grow and become a solid place in which you can find and discuss good music and even the up and coming if you can find it. Please feel free to voice your opinion. Music from hip-hop to reggae or from rock to country. Just to give a little insight on what i love to listen too and so you can get a taste of what type of music and the quality of music i listen too; Favorite band of all time-Sublime.