Sunday, September 18, 2011


True music now adays is very hard to come by, with mainstream music on the rise and the quality of music on the decline there needs to be a place where you can listen and look up and discuss good music. That is why i made this blog. Here you can post certain bands and links and discuss them, etc.. that you feel are the definition of TrueMusic. Hopefully this will grow and become a solid place in which you can find and discuss good music and even the up and coming if you can find it. Please feel free to voice your opinion. Music from hip-hop to reggae or from rock to country. Just to give a little insight on what i love to listen too and so you can get a taste of what type of music and the quality of music i listen too; Favorite band of all time-Sublime.


  1. cool blog, it needs some more rock though

  2. cool blog man, congrats, first visit and u already got a fan...
    i am also a sublime fan like u, whit heart and soul, like brad, eric and bud did in 90's
    cool see some one like me
    congrats and peace brother

  3. yo man your posts are pretty much right outta my top played on itunes w sublime slightly stoop big l nas BIG pac wu tang bob, the list goes on... keep it up bro